Malagä Brand is a French marketing vidéo and motion graphic design agency in Nice :
communication at the movie

The agency imagines and set in motion the stories that companies and institutions need to tell their brands, products, services or ideas…
Our productions, with high added value, use cinema and animation cinema to deliver a clear, fun and simple message.

Advertisement reach a new level with quality, creativity and storytelling ! And yours ?

Malagä Brand's 2017 Showreel !

Malagä Brand presents you his 2017 showreel on a rock and roll rythm.

Why should you use video marketing and motion graphic design ?

With emergence from the new internet and mobile technologies, video is becoming the surfer’s most prefer media. About 80% of surfers rather click on a play button of video than reading some text. Your potential customers want video content that they will be able to share with their entourage, Do no hesitate for a second !

Pictographe stratégie digitale

Video marketing strategy

Your communication agency has already done a great job with marketing on your communication‘s plans. Malagä Brand accompany and guide you to reach a more better impact of their work with advertising video campaign !

Pictographe création vidéo

Video production

Our specialty is to create very strong identity productions to promote companies. We are using several videos technics to have a media that looks like your company.

Pictographe supports 2.0

2.0 mediums

Augmented reality, video infolder, website, social network, mailing, advertisement on sale’s place and many other way to diffuse video are yours. Consult Malagä bRand to products a video campaign to reinforce your communication.

To know more on the added high value that Malagä Brand will provide you !

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