from the abstract^project to realizing a video advertisement
a very specific process !

Creating an efficient video campaign is a step by step work. You have to take care of each step of production and realization of a motion design.
That’s why Malagä Brand use a precise process to make efficient motion design and videos.

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First meeting

We wish to make the first meeting as nice as possible for both of us. We will gather information to discover what you really need and what are the values and visions of your company. As we will discover you, we will be able to provide you a pertinent budget for your project.

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We will have to learn about your competition, your brand positioning and your buyer’s persona. We will be able to provide you a proposition that will fit your needs.

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Writing of Scenario, storytelling, voice over script and graphic research. Then moodboard,storyboarding and sound design. Casting for voice over and spotting are some of the operations we have to realise here.

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ANd Action ! We are fiming and/or producing motion design to finalise your project.

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We are mounting special effect, sound design and/or videos on this step.

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Time to deliver you project on web, video infolder or any other media we choose when we decide of your strategy.

You need to invest in high added value ?

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