Squared Added high value of video and motion design in your communication !

First non-negligible advantage of 2.0 medias, is to measure your videos campaign.
This is some examples among the most famous video media that will provide lot of added value to your company.
We will accompany and guide you to make the good choices. So contact us.



Correctly implemented, video will provide you a better Seo results. And you will keep users on your website two more minutes

motion design

Digital display

On tradeshow, on sell location in public places or Keynote, digital display allows you to earn more visibility than a simple display.

film vidéo

Vidéo infolder

The edging mov video infolder est the meeting of the print world and the digital world. Waouh effect !!!

stop motion

Social media

Social media is perfect for vidéo, and animated gif. Your message will have more scope.


Augmented reality

No chip, just a user and his phone to watch your content on any print media you want.

time lapse


Second search engine in the world where you can create your own video channel.

To choose the good broadcast channel :

Vidéo infolder Edging Mov'

Discover Edging Mov' on vidéo !

Introduction of video infolder Edging Mov'.

Presentation of an Edging Mov 'video brochure. The video plate or Edging Mov 'as we prefer to call it, is the marriage between two worlds that everything seemed to separate. The Print and the physical contact but which remains fixed and can not evolve, with the digital world which is totally dematerialized and which evolves permanently. This alliance allows the agency video communication and motion design Malagä Brand in Nice to offer a communication support that combines the advantages of these two worlds while adding an undeniable advantage: power in your communication! !
Make your communication medium immersive with video and soundtrack.

Video infolder edging move in three points

Motion design and video infolder Edging move make you gain power in your communication.

time lapse


We can create the video plate as a classic advertising plate that we create from A to Z. It is possible to choose cuts, paper or see print with hot silver, hot gold or selective varnish. There is no real limit to the possibilities offered by Edging Mov '.

time lapse


Unlike a traditional advertising brochure, we have the opportunity to change the main message that is video. this allows us to not limit the use of Edging Mov 'to a use or a single type of use.

time lapse


Video allows your prospects to project themselves into your communication medium. A video message is 77% better memorized than a classified message on a standard advertising flyer.

put some extra punch in your communication : !

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